Antelope Valley Four Wheelers

Est. 1966

Adopt - A - Trail

Antelope Valley Four Wheelers, has been a part of the Adopt A Trail program since it’s conception.  Drink Water Flats Trail is the trail we have had the longest (25 years).  It’s designated trail number is 5N27 and the part of the trail that runs along the top of the ridge is 16W01.  15W04 is the northern most part of the historical Butterfield Stage Route.  This trail has been a part of our club for the past 15 years.  Lastly although not currently designated by the trail number system is the trail known as House Trail, has been part of our Adopt A Trail for 3 years now.  All of these trails can be found on the map and are located in the San Francisquito Canyon area around the town of  Green Valley.

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